The most formidable conqueror of the continent since Aisin Giro. With the ambition to unify and sinicise the tumultuos domains of the Cathayan continent, the Communists keep a tight rein in their vast territories with a powerful totalitarian regime. The Communists sculpted what was a loose collection of dominions into an ostentatious republic. Their dishonourable past of humiliation at the hands of western powers was finally unsullied. The colonised, on the other hand, are not at all grateful for such achievements. The Communists must use all means necessary to keep a tight rein on them to prevent the Republic from total collapse.

Headquarter: Beijing

Command Center: Politburo

Supreme Commander: Supreme Leader

Diplomatic Strategies:

- Pro-Northern

- Pro-Indochina

- Pro-Khalifah

* Only Communists players can use Communist cadres. The Communists have their specific main campaigns.

Cadres from This Faction

Bo Yong Zhao Tong Moon Moon Yaowu

Battle-advantaged Towns
Battle-advantaged Towns
Based on their special political, diplomatic, historical and expatriate factors, the Communists have additional battle advantages when fighting as attackers or defenders in Base Battles in the following towns.

China (Cathaysian States)

Shenzhen Guangzhou Kouang Tchéou Wan Meizhou Chaozhou Guilin Nanning Haikou Sanya Xiamen Fuzhou Wenzhou Hangzhou Shanghai Nanjing Hefei Wuhan Nanchang Changsha Nanyang Zhengzhou Xuzhou Jinan Qingdao Tianjin Shijiazhuang Taiyuan Yan'an Xi'an Yinchuan Lanzhou Dunhuang Xining Chongqing Chengdu Guiyang Kunming Taue Xoong Sibsongbanna


Heihe Giyamusi Mudanjiang Yanbian Qiqihar Daqing Harbin Jilin Baicheng Changchun Mukden Anshan Dalian Dandong Fuxin Zhaoyang Chengde

Southern Mongolia

Khingan Jirem Ulankhad Hulunbuir Xilingol Kalgan Ulanqab Hohhot Bugat Hot Bat Khaalga Ordos Bayannur Ud Hairibin Ejin


Ngari Shigatse Lhasa Drigu Nagqu Nyingchi Chamdo Yulshul Golmud Tsolho Tshojang Golog Malho Kanlho Bairi Ngawa Garzê Yaknga Mili Dechen

Hong Kong & Macau

Chai Wan Stanley Kowloon City Yau Tsim Mong Sham Shui Po Wong Tai Sin Kwun Tong Sai Kung Sha Tin Sheung Fan Sha Ta Tai Po Yuen Long Tuen Mun Tsuen Wan Kwai Tsing Chek Lap Kok Macau

East Turkestan

Kumul Guqung Turpan Ürümqi Koktokay Altay Qoqak Karamay Bortala Ghulja Kuytun Janbalik Bayingolin Korla Qakilik Kuqa Aksu Uqturpan Kizilsu Kashgar Yengisar Yarkand Hotan

West Turkestan



New Taipei Taoyuan Hsinchu Miaoli Taichung Nantou Changhua Yunlin Chiayi Tainan Kaohsiung Pingtung Taitung Hualien Yilan Keelung Penghu Kinmen Matsu Pratas

Southeast Asia

Manila Laoag Jakarta Singapore Kuala Lumpur Muang Xay Pangkham (Wa State) Laukkai (Kokang) Yangon

Middle East

Fayzabad Kabul Khost Miramshah Rawalpindi Gilgit


Pokhara Kathmandu

Corean Peninsula

Chongjin Pyongyang



Bo Yong

A graduate of the National Defense University, he was appointed political commissioner, first in the Tibet and then Xinjiang military districts for some years before returning to Beijing to serve in the Political Work Department. As a mere Colonel he could only exert limited influence while surrounded by the top officials in the capital. Nevertheless he was very much trusted by the military and was assigned important duties...

Type: Propagandist

Hometown: Beijing

Ethnicity: Yuyencian

Religion: Atheist

Voice: Mandarin

Rarity: SSR

* For Communists players only.

Zhao Tong

A third-generation red communist. Her grandfather was one of the founders of the Republic. Having served in the Communist Youth League for years, she was educated in the UK before returning to her home country. With a combination of her bold and decisive mind-set and slick political manoeuvres, she was appointed CEO of a national enterprise, holding great sway in both the political and the commercial arena. In the face of the ever-changing political scene, she actively accommodates the UFWD to look for opportunities to prove herself.

Type: Patron

Hometown: Shanghai

Ethnicity: Goet

Religion: Atheist

Voice: Mandarin

Rarity: SSR

* For Communists players only.

Moon Moon

Police officer from the Political Security Division of the Communists' Ministry of Public Security. Takes direct orders from the first bureau of the Ministry, carrying out tasks assigned by the central government. Theoretically only responsible for domestic judicial and stabilisation work, but given the unusual nature of her work she may also infiltrate into Hong Kong or foreign countries on secret missions to annihilate enemies of the Republic. By the way, she has a husky as a pet.

Type: Spy

Hometown: Guangzhou

Ethnicity: Cantonese

Religion: Atheist

Voice: Mandarin

Rarity: SR

* For Communists players only.


A kind-hearted young fellow and a simple straightforward guy from the countryside. On his mother's request, he joins the army after graduating vocational school, and was assigned to the gendarmerie. Although he was in love with a girl from his hometown, he never had the chance to tell her prior to departure. His life might be harsh but down-to-earth, and he is willing to do anything for the good of the country.

Type: Guerrilla

Hometown: Xianyang

Ethnicity: Kuanlungnian

Religion: Atheist

Voice: Kuanlungnian

Rarity: SR

* For Communists players only.

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I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.

I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.


I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.

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