The homeland of Aisin Giro, well-guarded for centuries and forbidden to outsiders. As Aisin Giro's power dwindled, Chinese farmers poured into the realm, where they tilled the land with the Manchus, turning the barren lands into fertile fields. After Aisin Giro's abdication, he returned to Manchuria, where he attempted to rebuild the old realm with support from Japan. As Japan was defeated by the Soviet Union in the subsequent war the Communists seized Manchuria, demolishing the civilisation that once was.

Headquarter: Vladivostok

Command Center: Volunteer Legion

Supreme Commander: Commander

Diplomatic Strategies:

- Pro-Japan

- Pro-Corea

- Pro-Northern

Cadres from This Faction

Hairanju Zhang Nuan Minggan Ivan Choi

Battle-advantaged Towns
Battle-advantaged Towns
Based on its special political, diplomatic, historical and expatriate factors, Manchuria has additional battle advantages when fighting as attacker or defender in Base Battles in the following towns.


Heihe Giyamusi Mudanjiang Yanbian Qiqihar Daqing Harbin Jilin Baicheng Changchun Mukden Anshan Dalian Dandong Fuxin Zhaoyang Chengde

Russian Manchuria

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Komsomolsk Khabarovsk Blagoveshchensk

Southern Mongolia

Khingan Jirem Ulankhad Hulunbuir

Trans-Siberian Railway

Chita Moscow

Corean Peninsula

Chongjin Pyongyang

China (Cathaysian States)



The Tunggiya family was a Manchu noble family under the Bordered Blue Banner, bearing the Chinese name of Tong Qi. In Japan she uses the name Runa Tokiya. Over half of her clan were killed in the massacre during the Anti-Qing Revolution, after which the family had to hide their heritage. She was brought up in Mukden (Shenyang) until junion high school, and then moved to Tokyo to finish high school while working part-time. She found it hard to fit in at first, but in just a few years she has become a socialite in the high society of Tokyo.

Type: Propagandist

Hometown: Mukden, Manchuria

Ethnicity: Manchu

Religion: Mahayana

Voice: Japanese and Manchu

Rarity: SSR

Easily obtainable: Manchuria

Zhang Nuan

Her grandfather was borned in an immigrant family from Sendai, Japan with the surname Onodera. After the end of the WW2, her grandfather became one of the Japanese orphans left in Manchuria, and then adopted by the Zhang family. She only learned from her old grandmother this story from the remote past years after the passing of her grandfather. Her dream is to save up enough to travel aboard, yet spends a lot of her money helping the poor people around her.

Type: Patron

Hometown: Dalian, Manchuria

Ethnicity: Han, Manchu and Japanese multiracial

Religion: Irreligion

Voice: Dalian

Rarity: SR

Easily obtainable: Manchuria


Originally worked in a steelworks run by a state enterprise in Jilin, but was dismissed without notice. He therefore joined his colleagues and took part in a labor movement involving tens of thousands of workers. The gendarmerie attempted to suppress the movement by force, which resulted in a riot. Being a brawny brute, he downed quite a few of the gendarmerie, and was arrested and thrown into a black jail for his trouble. After several years of prison, a resistance group picked him up and sent him to Fukuoka to be trained in secret by a mysterious person...

Type: Spy

Hometown: Baicheng, Manchuria

Ethnicity: Manchu Mongolian biracial

Religion: Vajrayana

Voice: Manchurian

Rarity: R

Easily obtainable: Manchuria

Ivan Choi

Born between a Corean father and a Russian mother, he is deeply concerned about the deterioting economy and social distress in North Manchuria. Through the underground church he attends he became acquainted with independentists in Harbin, with a shared belief that independence is the only solution to the problem. The band of brothers formed a guerilla force operating on the Mauchurian-Soviet border.

Type: Guerrilla

Hometown: Harbin, Manchuria

Ethnicity: Corean Russian biracial

Religion: Calvinist

Voice: Manchurian, Corean and Russian

Rarity: SR

Easily obtainable: Manchuria

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I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.

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