Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance

There are countless states in Cathaysia (China proper) with distinct cultures and languages. After almost forty years of struggle, they were conquered and decimated by Aisin Giro, followed by two hundred years of subjugation. The Cathaysian States gathered funds in Southeast Asia, which were used to repel Aisin Giro. They succeeded in forcing Aisin Giro to abdicate, whereupon a union government was formed to rule over Cathaysia. Unfortunately their strength was depleted in defending against the Japanese invasion, resulting in the Communists picking off the states one by one.

Headquarter: Bangkok

Command Center: Revolutionary Alliance

Supreme Commander: Chief

Diplomatic Strategies:

- Pro-Nusantaria

- Pro-Indochina

- Pro-Japan

*In the game, the Rebel Alliance represents a collection of anti-communist forces in China proper and Southeast Asia. Players can change their own emblems from 69 types (including the national emblems of all Cathaysian states and all of Southeast Asia).

Cadres from This Faction

Yu Zheng Aezan Ning Kueian

Battle-advantaged Towns
Battle-advantaged Towns
Based on its special political, diplomatic, historical and expatriate factors, the Rebel Alliance has additional battle advantages when fighting as attacker or defender in Base Battles in the following towns.

China (Cathaysian States)

Shenzhen Guangzhou Kouang Tchéou Wan Meizhou Chaozhou Guilin Nanning Haikou Sanya Xiamen Fuzhou Wenzhou Hangzhou Shanghai Nanjing Hefei Wuhan Nanchang Changsha Nanyang Zhengzhou Xuzhou Jinan Qingdao Tianjin Shijiazhuang Taiyuan Yan'an Xi'an Yinchuan Lanzhou Dunhuang Xining Chongqing Chengdu Guiyang Kunming Taue Xoong Sibsongbanna

Southeast Asia

Manila Laoag Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City Jakarta Singapore Kuala Lumpur Santikhiri Muang Xay Pangkham (Wa State) Laukkai (Kokang) Myitkyina Homein Yangon

East Turkestan

Guqung Janbalik


Kinmen Matsu

Hong Kong & Macau




Middle East


Yu Zheng

One of the top scientists in biomedical science and an authority of the field in the Republic. He has worked in the secret laboratory under the control of the Communists' central government for years, bearing witness to many secrets but revealing none. After a major change in the Republic, he fled the country, bringing nothing but a lone suitcase...

Type: Propagandist

Hometown: Qingdao

Ethnicity: Tshiechurian

Religion: Lutheranist

Voice: Mandarin

Rarity: SR

Easily obtainable: Rebel Alliance


Got her start in a production line, and through hard work and thriftiness she became the owner of a weaving factory at a young age. By actively seeking help from her fellow countrymen, she expanded her business to Europe and other regions. The huge success of her business caught the attention of law enforcement, who made things difficult for her business and even resorted to violent extortion. Having no one to back her up, she organised the workers to fight back with force.

Type: Patron

Hometown: Wenzhou

Ethnicity: Aunann

Religion: Methodist

Voice: Auish

Rarity: SSR

Easily obtainable: Rebel Alliance


An orphan abandoned in the streets of Chongqing who got shelter from a Communist dignitary. At the age of four, his adoptive parent was dislodged in a power struggle and subsequently arrested. He was then brought to Chengdu by a bodyguard of the disgraced dignitary, and was sent to receive training in Mount Emei. Only after reaching adulthood did he know who his adoptive parent was...

Type: Spy

Hometown: Chongqing

Ethnicity: Basurian

Religion: Irreligion

Voice: Sichuanese

Rarity: SR

Easily obtainable: Rebel Alliance


Her father was from Changsha and her mother hailed from the Yao tribes. For generations the family practiced martial arts. Her grandfather served in the Hunan Army near the end of the Qing Dynasty. Studying has never been her strong suit, but she sure loved fighting. Her excelled at dual-wielding sabers. She practices martial arts just for fun, but when her classmate committed suicide after being assaulted by a dignitary's son, she killed the culprit with her saber to avenge her friend. She fled to Guangdong where she lived in hiding, and by mere chance she was recruited into a resistance faction in Guangdong.

Type: Guerrilla

Hometown: Dao, Hunan

Ethnicity: Fusiangria

Religion: Irreligion

Voice: Hunanese

Rarity: R

Easily obtainable: Rebel Alliance

I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.

I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.

I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.


I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.

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