For over a millennium, Taiwan resisted the conquest of continental powers using the strait as their line of defence. Aisin Giro, however, crossed that barrier and annexed Taiwan, making it a colony of his Chinese subjects. Taiwan was conquered by Japan after Aisin Giro's defeat. When defeat befell Japan, they were swept up in the conflicts of the continent yet again. Eventually, they keep the Communists at bay to the west of the strait. After decades of conflicts and restoration, the old island nation is reborn once again.

Headquarter: Taipei

Command Center: Militia Union

Supreme Commander: Convener

Diplomatic Strategies:

- Pro-Anglosphere

- Pro-Japan

- Pro-Nusantaria

Cadres from This Faction

Tapioca Famkiong Senko Watan

Battle-advantaged Towns
Battle-advantaged Towns
Based on its special political, diplomatic, historical and expatriate factors, Taiwan has additional battle advantages when fighting as attacker or defender in Base Battles in the following towns.


New Taipei Taoyuan Hsinchu Miaoli Taichung Nantou Changhua Yunlin Chiayi Tainan Kaohsiung Pingtung Taitung Hualien Yilan Keelung Penghu Kinmen Matsu Pratas

China (Cathaysian States)

Shenzhen Guangzhou Kouang Tchéou Wan Meizhou Chaozhou Guilin Nanning Haikou Xiamen Fuzhou Wenzhou Hangzhou Shanghai Nanjing Hefei Wuhan Nanchang Changsha Nanyang Zhengzhou Xuzhou Jinan Qingdao Tianjin Shijiazhuang Taiyuan Xi'an Yinchuan Lanzhou Dunhuang Xining Chongqing Chengdu Guiyang Kunming Taue Xoong Sibsongbanna

Southeast Asia

Manila Laoag Jakarta Singapore Kuala Lumpur Santikhiri Yangon




High school student. Accidentally swept up in social movements and local heritage protection activities, and ever since she became aware of issues between the two sides of the straits and the future of the country. Her cute looks act as a camouflage for her shrewdness: she has connections with localist organizations throughout the country, and holds considerable sway over them.

Type: Propagandist

Hometown: Tainan, Taiwan

Ethnicity: Siraya

Religion: Animist

Voice: Taiwanese, Siraya and Mandarin

Rarity: SR

Easily obtainable: Taiwan


A businessman whose trade traverses Taiwan Strait, he is something of a wild card. Despite his business acumen, he seems to be more interested in observing the lives and hardships of people in different cities and villages of the Cathayan Continent than in his own work, fomenting dangerous thoughts in the privacy of his own mind.

Type: Patron

Hometown: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Ethnicity: Hakka

Religion: Animist

Voice: Hakka and Mandarin

Rarity: SR

Easily obtainable: Taiwan


Shamaness from the coastal area of Central Taiwan, she roams all across the Cathayan Continent as part of her spiritual practice. The rich and powerful often go to her for her divinations. She seems to be in the service of the Taiwanese intelligence agency, as she becomes privy to many untold secrets through her religious activities.

Type: Spy

Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan

Ethnicity: Hokkien

Religion: Animist

Voice: Taiwanese

Rarity: SSR

Easily obtainable: Taiwan


A university student who loves skipping classes and is a great flirt to boot. An active participant in exchange activities organized by the Communists to win over the Taiwanese indigenous peoples, he earned the opportunity to tour the Republic as a cultural dance performer. His true identity is a rigorously trained special agent, hailing from a family with members who have laid down their lives in Pabua Island, in the Huaihai Campaign, in the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis...

Type: Guerrilla

Hometown: Hualien, Taiwan

Ethnicity: Atayal

Religion: Calvinist

Voice: Atayal

Rarity: SR

Easily obtainable: Taiwan

I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.

I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.

I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.


I am a paragragh. Add your own text here and let your users know a little more about you.

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